About the Author

Perla Apolonio

Perla was born and raised in Manila, Philippines, and now lives in Sydney, Australia. She has worked as an accountant and as an IT professional for the past twenty years.

She grew up believing in and loving God. She was fourteen years old when she witnessed how her dad miraculously woke up from a comatose state, just after he was prayed for by her mom. Even though her dad woke up from coma that day, there were still countless times when he was rushed to the hospital in the years thereafter. These years were not easy for their family, but it was through this season that allowed Perla to know God as a powerful and living God who never leaves us or abandons us.

She has always believed that regardless of the ups and downs in life, there’s an amazing God, whom we may not see, but has been faithfully looking after us. She never expected that one fateful day of June 8, 2014, she would be blessed to have a supernatural encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ. This experience has taught her that indeed, God is real, that He loves us very much and that He is with us always. She shares her testimony in this book.

In 2019, she took up and completed a course on Bible, Mission and Ministry in a Theological College in Sydney.