Perla’s Supernatural Encounter with Jesus

Have you ever wondered if God is real?

Have you ever asked questions like, “If God is real, who is He? Where is He? Does He know me? Does He like me? Do I matter to Him?

You might have heard of things like “God is real,” “He loves us,” and “the Bible contains God’s words.” But are these really true? Or is ‘having a God’ a concept that humanity just created in an attempt to give hope to a hurting world? 

You may call me Perla. I am an ordinary woman who lives an ordinary life. I am not perfect, nor anything close to it. I have always believed in and loved God, and I have also seen countless miracles in my life. But I never imagined that in one blessed day, I would have the privilege of seeing the Lord Jesus Christ Himself, in person—an event that would confirm with me that indeed, God is real and that He loves us very much.

Jesus appeared to me on June 8, 2014, one fateful dawn when I was not expecting Him. After that event, I also started to receive revelations about God’s love for us through visions and dreams.

Just to introduce myself, I was born in Manila, Philippines. I’m the eldest of five kids who were raised by loving parents. When I was fourteen years old, my dad suffered from a stroke and was in a comatose state for almost a month. After being prayed for by my mom one day, my dad suddenly woke up from coma – an occurrence that the doctors couldn’t explain at that time. That was the first of God’s miracles that I have ever seen with my own eyes.

Starting that day, I had the privilege to see countless miracles from God—only I got to see them by going through a journey with God, faced with storms that only He could tame. Even though my dad woke up from coma that day, there were still countless times when we had to rush him to the hospital after that event. I remember that we would pray that God would spare my dad’s life and that we would have enough money to pay for the hospital bills and other expenses.

These years were tough times – but we thank God so much that we still were able to spend twenty six more years with dad, counting from the day when I saw that first miracle. And yes, there were difficult years, but it was through these years that allowed me to know God as a powerful and living God who never leaves us or abandons us. 

I now live in Sydney, Australia.

I have worked in the fields of accounting and IT for the past twenty years.

I love my family, and I have friends whom I consider as family as well.

Basically, I live an ordinary life.

I am an ordinary, imperfect woman who loves God and who has always believed that He is at work in my life even though I don’t see Him. I never expected that one fateful day, June 8, 2014, the Lord Jesus Christ would appear to me.

I was caught by surprise when I saw Jesus that day. I wish I could tell you that I was in my holiest self at that time. But the sad thing is that Jesus appeared to me at a moment when I was contemplating sinning against Him. And thinking that what I was about to do was not a huge sin anyway, I still continued to do it even after already seeing Him.

That was the day I realized the meaning of ‘God’s grace’.

About fourteen hours after Jesus appeared to me, I suddenly found myself having access to seeing the spiritual realm. I never asked for it, but my spiritual senses were suddenly opened. Having witnessed what happens in the spiritual realm, I then realized the truth about sin, its consequences, and the depth of God’s love for us—a love so great that is beyond words and even far beyond our sins.

After that night, I started to receive messages from God through supernatural means. At times I heard God’s voice audibly, and in my spirit. And at other times, He spoke to me through visions and dreams. You could not imagine how shocked and amazed I was when I started seeing these revelations. I couldn’t believe that I was actually witnessing these miracles before my eyes.

There were a few times when I was even surprised by the content of God’s message. I would then ask Him, “Really, Lord? Why?” But I noticed that every time God gave a revelation, it would always echo or support a scripture from the Bible. Most of the time after I have just seen a particular vision, a Bible verse would then echo in my mind. So, at times when I asked Him why, I would just go back to the scriptures, and would then find that what He has shown me was actually in the Bible. I also have included these Bible verses in the book so that you can also reflect on them.

Initially, I could not understand why I was seeing these revelations. I only realized the reason, when one day, the Lord asked me to write them down and share them with you.

The conversations I had with God, which I have shared in this book, are not meant to be added to or change any of His words in the Bible. I believe that God spoke to me through these supernatural revelations so that He could explain to me that His words in the Bible are true and are still true to this day, and so that I can testify about it. This book contains my testimony.

While showing me visions that explain His thoughts and what’s in His heart, there were times when God has also allowed me to feel what He feels. I have always believed that God loves us, but when I learned how much He loves us, I was deeply humbled. I never realized how much I have underestimated God’s love toward us, in the past.

In the book “I Am with You Always”: A True Story of a Supernatural Encounter with Jesus, I have testified as a witness that indeed—
          God is real,
          that He loves us very much,
          and that He is with us always.

This book was written for you. Know that you are deeply loved by a God who has promised “I Am with You Always” and has faithfully kept it.



(- Excerpt from “I Am with You Always”)